Municipal Wastewater

Wet Weather Flow


During the wet season, the influent wastewater flow to treatment plants increases significantly. It has been observed that the water quality of influent during the wet season was high in both BOD and Suspended Solids (SS) concentration. The municipal wastewater treatment plants were not able to handle the additional flow conditions and could not help but bypass the wet weather flow, thereby seriously contaminating water body.

BBF’s high-rate up-flow filtration system can handle significant influent wastewater flow and higher levels of BOD and Suspended Solids (SS) during the wet season.

Through carbon diversion, BBF facilitates the effective removal of solids and soluble organics by performing biological treatment and physical filtration simultaneously. The dual functionality and robustness of the BBF platform enables it to be further enhanced with our Anammox and algae solutions for wet weather flow treatment.

  • Combine filtration with biological treatment

  • Can be enhanced with chemical carbon capture

  • Small footprint due to short HRT

  • Implemented and proven at scales of up to 132 MGD